12/04/2017 11:45 AM AEST | Updated 12/04/2017 5:31 PM AEST

Bands Drop Out Of ANU Bar's Gig Over All-Male Line-Up Criticism

Regurgitator is among some of the bands dropping out.

The Brisbane trio have pulled out of the ANU Bar Final amidst an all-male line-up controversy.

On Tuesday afternoon, Brisbane band Regurgitator announced they were pulling out of a gig at ANU Bar amidst criticism of the event for its all-male line-up. The event was the final show at the Canberra University's bar, booked by Canberra events promoter Garry Peadon.

After the event was announced on Facebook, several users commented noting the lack of female acts, the comments drew a now deleted response from Peadon, which brought even more criticism with it.


"Why do I have too [sic] even think about this shit?" Peadon responded to one Facebook user's query. From there, fans of the headliners urged Regurgitator to pull out of the event, sparking even more commentary from both sides.

Posting a statement on their Facebook page, Regurgitator confirmed they would no longer play the event.

"Given our position on matters of gender equality, social justice and equal opportunity for all," the band wrote, "we have decided we can not be involved with the upcoming ANU FINALE event."

"Based on the subsequent responses from the organisers to criticism about the heavy gender bias of the lineup and how this has aggravated rather than managed to accommodate the concerns posed online by people in Canberra we have had to cancel our upcoming involvement in this ANU BAR finale lineup."

Speaking to ABC news radio, Peadon made it very clear that he had no regrets with both the line-up or the handling of the events. "This is my show basically, I've hired the venue and I'm paying the artists, so if somebody else wants to do something, nothing's stopping them from booking the ANU or any other venue," he said. "It's a bit ridiculous really, we're talking about music here."

In another now deleted comment, Peadon also noted "bands were chosen for a reason, not for what's between their memebers' legs".

But the band's message played louder as their statement continued, "Music is not about gender but we can not ignore gender in regard to the ongoing practices of music as an industry".

"Given the state of society, environment and climate we hope upcoming generations across the world take time and effort to consider the realities of injustice right across the board and manifest more inclusive attitudes and overall awareness to make a stand against archaic and non-progressive approaches that we are currently laden with, and in turn to help make the world a better place for all."

Regurgitator is joined by Canberra band Slow Turismo, who have also pulled out of the event. Despite that, Peadon has confirmed the event will still continue saying there are no hard feelings to either group.