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These Kids Have A Better Grasp Of Road Rules Than Most Drivers

Children as young as five were asked about road safety in a video released ahead of the Easter long weekend.

Ahead of their Easter long weekend road blitz, Victoria Police have released a new safety video in which children as young as five stress the importance of obeying road rules.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said that he hopes the video will strike a chord within the community.

"In what may seem like some very basic thoughts from children as young as five, I feel really hits the mark around what we expect from our drivers on the road," he said.

The children in the video were asked questions by police about road safety, including speeding, mobile phone use and safe cars -- and their extensive knowledge of the rules is impressive.

"You have to concentrate, you have to not drink alcohol and if you're tired, just turn in and park," one of the girls said.

"It's either you're destined to crash or you're destined to hurt someone else or yourself," another bluntly said when asked if speeding was ever ok.

The video is part of Victoria Police's launch of Operation Nexus which will be targeting speed, fatigue, distraction, seat belt non-compliance and impaired driving over the next two weeks.

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