13/04/2017 10:18 AM AEST | Updated 13/04/2017 10:49 AM AEST

People Are Putting Glue In Their Eyebrows To Make Them Look Like Feathers

Get those glue sticks ready.

Let me see you shake your eyebrow feather.

The feather brow.

Yes, it's exactly as it sounds and it's the latest eyebrow trend fresh out of Finland.

All it involves is grooming your eyebrows to assume the aesthetic of a feather. Finnish national Stella. S created the look by evenly splitting her eyebrows down the centre, leaving the hair to fan outwards in all directions.

All you need to achieve this latest look is an eyebrow brush and a glue stick. Yes, a glue stick.

Thus, the feather brow was born.

Over 3000 comments have been posted to the original image and the response has been mixed. Some say the new look is " awesome" and "so cool", while others say the trend resembles creepy-crawly insects. One comment reads, "Why you got centipedes on your face?"

Love it or hate it, the eyebrow style seems to have taken off, so get those glue sticks ready.

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