13/04/2017 12:00 PM AEST | Updated 13/04/2017 1:16 PM AEST

Police Investigate 'Real Housewives Of Sydney' Star Over Alleged Trolling Of Co-Star's Son

"I actually thought my response was quite measured and I signed off with a kiss."


The stars of "The Real Housewives of Sydney" are bringing their feuds off-screen, with police investigating Lisa Oldfield for trolling the 13-year-old son of co-star Victoria Rees.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Facebook comments, which have since been deleted at the request of Foxtel, were in response to Rees' 13-year-old asking the 41-year-old housewife to stop attacking his mother on the show.

Oldfield apparently responded claiming Rees should be checking up on her son but that she is too busy drinking 30 cocktails a night.

But Oldfield doesn't seem to regret her comments, "I didn't troll him, I responded because he was rude," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"He called me jealous and a loser, I think it is appalling that he would speak to an adult in that way." Regarding the complaints Rees made to police, Oldfield called it "desperate".

Not impressed: "Real Housewives of Sydney" star Victoria Rees has contacted police over co-star's online comments to her son.

"She tipped off the paparazzi that she was going to the police... It wreaks of someone who is just desperate for attention. She's not getting any media because she's not interesting."

This isn't the first time Oldfield's social media comments have gotten her into hot water with the Housewives. In an early episode of the series, the women discussed a controversial Instagram caption Oldfield posted in 2016. The post, which congratulated Amy Winehouse on five years of sobriety on the anniversary of her death, was heavily criticised by Housewife Krissy Marsh as being in poor taste.

"It's like, I've been here for five minutes b***ch, let me have a champagne," Oldfield responded to camera.

Oldfield has been a vocal critic of both Marsh and Rees, and in recent interviews has claimed several of the other Housewives have been "kindly edited".