Watch The Moment A Red Panda Fights A Rock

We've found the star for Kung Fu Panda four.
The Red Panda wearing his fight eyes.
The Red Panda wearing his fight eyes.

A Red Panda in Japan has received quite a bit of attention after fighting a rock.

The Panda, who is a resident of Japan's Himeji Central Park, pulled out some of its best fighting moves against a rock that stands within its enclosure.

The action lasted all of 30 seconds, where the panda is on the offensive early on, only to realise the rock is not attacking. It's pretty adorable.

The Red Panda, which is also known as 'the lesser panda', the 'red bear-cat' and the 'red cat-bear' is classified as endangered by The International Union For The Conservation Of Nature. Its wild population is estimated at just 10 000, and the animal's numbers continue to decline due to problems including habitat loss and poaching.

With such a small amount of these little guys left in the world, it's moments like this that remind us they are really worth protecting.