14/04/2017 9:40 AM AEST | Updated 14/04/2017 10:15 AM AEST

Aussies Splurge On 'Celebration' Seafood For Easter Weekend

The Easter Holidays have begun.

Brendon Thorne via Getty Images
Thousands of Australians are set to enjoy seafood over Easter.

As the Easter long weekend kicks off around Australia thousands of Aussies are stocking up on seafood as the nation gears up for family feasts.

Easter means a busy time for food retailers and particularly fishmongers, with seafood especially popular over the holiday.

At the Sydney Fish Markets, general manager Bryan Skepper was expecting more than 50,000 customers through the doors on Good Friday.

"It is a big event for us," Skepper told ABC television.

"In terms of trade it is probably more intensive than Christmas Eve because it is condensed into 12 hours so a lot of planning goes into it."

He said Easter was about "celebration food" and that meant lots of oysters, prawns and lobsters on the menu.

For fish lovers, flathead, barramundi and the "humble mullet" were also proving popular with buyers.

"I love mullet, the humble mullet on a barbecue, beautiful flavour, not for everyone, but I certainly like it," Skepper said.

The market is tipped to sell more than 100 varieties of seafood over Easter and is open every day of the long weekend from 5am.


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