15/04/2017 8:43 PM AEST | Updated 15/04/2017 9:13 PM AEST

New Smart Phone App Helps Patients Track IVF Embryo Growth

It could be available as early as next month.

GROW is a new smartphone application that allows In Vitro Fertilisation patients to track the growth of their embryo around the clock. The app takes photos and time-lapse vision of the embryo every five minutes. The images and footage are guarded by users' secure passwords, but can also be shared on social media with a simple tap of a smart phone screen.

But how does all this work?

Sydney's Genea fertility group has developed world first technology that combines incubation and viewing systems to track the developing embryos. That's how.

Steven McArthur, Scientific Director of Genea explained the benefits of this new technology to News Corporation.

"I've worked in the field since 1989 and from my perspective this is the greatest thing to happen for patients in that whole time.

"This is a really unique early way of being connected to pregnancy. It really does turn the tables on the natural situation and in some way is may be an advantage" he said.

With one in six Australian couples suffering infertility, more and more people are choosing to conceive with IVF. In 2017, around 1 in every 25 Australian births are a result of IVF, so it seems this app will impact the lives of many young Australians.

The app has been developed over the last five years, and will be released for trial after Easter. GROW will be available for download from both the Apple and Android app stores in May for patients of the Genea fertility group.

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