19/04/2017 12:46 AM AEST

Would Donald Trump Survive In The Wild? Bear Grylls Gives His Verdict

Donald Trump doesn’t have many very loud supporters in the world of showbusiness but he’s had one qualified vote of confidence from none other than Bear Grylls.

The TV adventurer, who previously accompanied President Barack Obama on a trip in to the Alaskan wilderness in 2015, tells Radio Times that Trump has one quality that might help him in the elements – “There’s no doubting he’s tenacious.”

Bear Grylls has qualified words of encouragement to entice Donald Trump into the wild

However, Bear has this word of caution: “Donald Trump is a person who likes to be king and the one thing I’ve learnt in the wild is you’re never the king. You’ve got to learn to put the crown down. I’m actually on the same network, NBC, as The Apprentice. But I kind of hope he’s got more important things to do than to go on an adventure with me.”  

Trump might be particularly fond of his Mar-a-Lago dessert, but there’s no saying what would be on table. Bear has previously partaken of a yak’s eyeball, raw snake or giant larvae when hunger has struck. Despite this singular menu, he tells Radio Times that superstars from Roger Federer to Julia Roberts are queueing up for an adventure with him

When he’s not leading expeditions far beyond most people’s comfort zones, Bear Grylls is performing his duties as this country’s Chief Scout. He boasts that, under his leadership, numbers in the movement have boomed. He says: “Young people in this country get such a hard time. You know, the so-called ‘hoodie generation’. But my experience as Chief Scout is that young people are incredible. What they lack is opportunities.” 

Read the full interview with Bear Grylls in next week’s Radio Times, on sale now.

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