13 People Reveal Why They Can't Sleep At Night

Having trouble sleeping is far from unusual.

In fact, according to the NHS, as many as one in three people in the UK suffer from regular bouts of insomnia.

Insomnia means experiencing difficultly falling to sleep or staying asleep for a reasonable amount of time.

There are many possible causes of insomnia ranging from lifestyle choices to mental health issues. While most experience occasional insomnia, some can have issues for months or years at a time.

That’s why one Reddit thread on sleep is really resonating online.

Reddit user D_195 asked fellow users why they were awake and the responses are eye-openingly honest and varied.

Here are some of them - and see below for tips on how to have better sleep.

- funmovtv

“Ever since I was forced to quit my job my life has consisted on staying up late on Reddit every night and drinking.”

- b0nder0ven

- ezra_sinclair

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