18/04/2017 8:15 PM AEST | Updated 18/04/2017 8:16 PM AEST

Sean Spicer Just So Happens To Be Asleep During Melissa McCarthy's 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches

What terrible luck.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer once said that he found Melissa McCarthy’s scathing “Saturday Night Live” impressions of his job performance “funny,” so we know he’s totally, absolutely, 100 percent on board. Still, he usually sleeps through them.

“I’m usually fast asleep by the time that comes on,” Spicer replied when asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday for his opinion on the popular sketches. “I’m in bed, get up, go to church the next day and look ahead.” 

“But you have fun with it, right?” Acosta asked. 

“Look, my focus is on advancing the president and his policies,” Spicer replied, “and we live in a great world where people can say and do what they want because of the First Amendment, and that’s what makes this such a great country.” 

So, maybe not so much fun.

Since President Donald Trump’s January inauguration, McCarthy has popped out of hair-and-makeup a handful of times to perform as Spicer on the late-night show, maligning his aggressive demeanor toward the press pool. (Trump was reportedly not pleased to see a woman dress down his spokesman.) As Spicer, she’s used her podium to physically attack reporters and peddle Ivanka-Trump-branded pumps. Most recently, she appeared in an Easter bunny suit with jokes about Spicer’s ill-advised Holocaust comments.

Speaking with Extra at the event, Spicer also reacted to the news that Alec Baldwin’s “SNL” Trump impressions may be numbered, saying, “that’s great.”

“Obviously, it’s crossed the line from being funny to being bad and mean, so it’s probably good for the show,” Spicer said. Baldwin had credited the administration’s “maliciousness” last month for his reluctance to continue the parodies ― although just last weekend, he appeared on the show to skewer the president once more.

While Baldwin’s “SNL” future remains unclear, McCarthy is going all in. She’s set to host the show May 13.