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Revealed: The 20 Things Guests Should Seriously Avoid Doing At Weddings

Half of weddings in the UK have left guests cringing at the antics of others in attendance.

A new survey revealed that carefully planned details can be ruined in an instant by inappropriate behaviour such as: sporting questionable fashion choices, aggressive dad dancing and failing to RSVP but turning up anyway.

The survey of 1,996 people, by Jacamo, found that the top 20 wedding guest faux pas are...

1. A distasteful best man’s speech.

2. Leaving before the reception speeches are finished.

3. Guests wearing outfits that are far too revealing.

4. Wearing all white or all black.

5. Bringing someone who was not invited, failing to RSVP but turning up, arriving late or changing table places.

6. Taking flash photography at the ceremony.

7. Wearing a dress very similar to the bridesmaids.

8. Blocking out the view of others in church with very large brimmed hats.

9. Wearing sunglasses in church.

10. Getting drunk/rowing and causing a scene.

11. Forgetting to turn the sound off your mobile phone for the ceremony or speeches.

12. Turning up in jeans.

13. Being too aggressive when trying to catch the bride’s bouquet.

14. Mistakenly wearing black tie and dinner jacket.

15. Arguing with your partner.

16. Aggressive dad dancing.

17. Photobombing official photos.

18. Posting on social media when asked not to.

19. Forgetting the names of the bride and groom’s parent.

20. Trying to chat up the bride or flirt with the groom.

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