20/04/2017 8:54 AM AEST | Updated 20/04/2017 12:16 PM AEST

A Church Dedicated To Cannabis Will Open Its Doors Today, On 4/20

For all those committed to 'the sacrament of cannabis'.

The International Church Of Cannabis will open its doors to the public, on April 20.

That's 4/20, to be specific.

Facebook: Elevationists
The church's colourful environs where one can become 'elevated.'

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, a place where people can smoke some weed. But that isn't how the church's leaders put it.

In a promotional video, one congregational leader Briley Hale says: " Our church is the spiritual home for adults everywhere who ritually take the sacred flower to find inspiration and meaning."

By "sacred flower" we can only assume they mean the marijuana plant.

Facebook: Elevationists
The church's logo with the 'sacred flower' in pride of place.

Members of the new church call themselves 'Elevationists' and say that they "use the sacrament of cannabis to elevate our lives". So essentially, Elevationists believe the 'ritual use' of cannabis will ignite a spiritual journey for the individual and enrich the community. Here are some people finding inspiration.

Really, it's a place where weed-users can smoke with others, but it does come at a cost.

The church's promotional video also mentions the fundraising campaigns it's running. They're asking members of the public to donate ($4.20...) so they can fix their 100-year-old radiator and install an elevator so their upper level is accessible to those less mobile.

So far, over $US31,000 has been raised from 109 donors. The church is located in Denver and will hold a '4/20 Ceremony' everyday at, you guessed it, 4.20pm.