20/04/2017 10:37 AM AEST | Updated 20/04/2017 10:39 AM AEST

Britney Spears Instagrammed A 42-Week Old Photo Of Cameron Diaz's Tomatoes

Can we please talk about this.

Instagram @britneyspears

This is a photo that Britney Spears posted to Instagram:

The caption reads: "Cameron Diaz posted this and considering I'm obsessed with my garden I had to repost!!! I've been a huge fan since 'Something About Mary' and still am 💛💛💛 The yellow ones are the sweetest though 😉🍅".

Sure, the world may be on the brink of collapse but can we please take a second to talk about this? This photo of Cameron Diaz's tomatoes is from June 29, 2016. That means the photo is 42 weeks and one day old, or 7,080 hours old. That photo is 424,800 minutes old, but as soon as Britney saw it, she had to repost it.

Britney's Instagram has forever been a minefield of head-scratching gems. A veritable mosaic of inspirational quotes, minions memes, selfies, snaps of her kids and the occasional oldey timey photo of a woman scolding a man in a frog outfit.

But there's something about a 42-week-old photo of three of the "There's Something About Mary" star's tomatoes. There's something about tomatoes.

Perhaps this is an olive branch for the two to bond over their shared ex, Justin Timberlake, but instead of olives it's tomatoes. Or maybe, like this graphic of a chess board, Britney just found it very interesting.

Truly an icon.


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