14 Reasons Why IKEA Is Simply The Best Place On Earth

You might just think it is just a giant blue warehouse that sells furniture on an industrial estate, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

All lovers of IKEA know that it is a gift from the Scandinavian gods, sent to save our souls. And as if we could love it anymore, there are now rumours that they will be opening a standalone meatball restaurant and we are over the moon.

Here are 14 reasons why IKEA is simply the best place on earth.

1. It makes us believe we are infinitely wealthy as soon as we step inside.

2. It lures you into thinking you are a qualified interior designer.

3. It gives you the confidence to say things like ‘we should really knock down that partition wall’.

4. It teaches us all the Swedish.

5. It has tote bags, which even Balenciaga thinks look sweet.

6. It serves up the best meatballs outside of Sweden.

7. It is a proven method of testing your relationship early on.

8. It is big enough that you can ‘accidentally’ lose your partner.

9. It does not discriminate against monkey customers.

10. It has a policy of zero waste landfill, because recycling is sexy.

11. It taught us all to never underestimate flat pack furniture.

12. It donates tiny doll beds to furry pups in adoption shelters.

13. It never wants us to leave and keeps us trapped in the car park.

14. It is truly the perfect day out.