21/04/2017 11:55 AM AEST | Updated 21/04/2017 3:29 PM AEST

A Guy Rearranged 'Passengers' To See If He Could Make It Better

Can it be fixed?

One of the biggest let-downs of recent years would have to be the movie "Passengers". Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence starring in a movie together, set in SPACE? It had all the elements of greatness, but for some reason the parts just didn't come together.

Recently Pratt spoke to "Variety" about the backlash to the film, saying he was "caught off guard" by the reactions, calling the whole experience "a lesson".

Well, popular YouTuber Nerdwriter1 asked the question: by simply rearranging the events within the film, could you extract something... better? In order to defeat the greatest let-down of "Passengers", aka the predictability of the plot, there needs to be some structural overhaul.

The man behind NerdWriter1, Evan Puschak, put exactly that to the test by creating hypothetical ways the film could have been vastly different by simply shuffling the main plot points around.

The results are actually surprising, considering in just the short amount of clips Puschak shows, Pratt's character goes through an incredible overhaul. When the film shifts focus away from lovable Chris and building up empathy for him, his character takes on a sinister vibe as he sulks around the spaceship, his intentions unclear.

Puschak also provides alternate ways the film could have ended, including one haunting version where Lawrence's character can't forgive Pratt for what he's done, and while he's attempting to fix the malfunctioning ship he dies, leaving her alone. This leaves Lawrence in a very similar position to Pratt's character, her loneliness on the ship beginning to nag at her... tempting her to wake a passenger up, much like Pratt did.

And now you'll sit around wishing that movie existed.

Make sure to check out the full clip above.