Hero Firefighter Catches Baby Dropped From Window Of Burning Building

A firefighter’s quick thinking saved a baby’s life.

On Tuesday, Robert Sutton was one of the first firefighters to respond to a call about a building fire in DeKalb County, Georgia.

“We pulled up; we see a lot of smoke and flames,” Sutton told NBC 11, a local news channel in Atlanta, Georgia. “At first, we didn’t know it was an actual entrapment.”

According to the outlet, soon after Sutton arrived, he went around the corner of the building and saw someone push a screen out of a second-floor window. Sutton soon saw a man in the window holding a baby. The man’s apartment was quickly filling with smoke and he was desperate to save his child.

“I just said, ‘Drop him,’” Sutton told Fox 5, a local news channel in Atlanta, Georgia. “He did and I am blessed to have been in a position to catch the baby.”

You can see the incredible footage in the video above.

Sutton’s captain, Tom Burrell, hopes the rescue helps people understand the hard work that goes into becoming a firefighter.

“It’s good training,” Burrell told Fox 5. “It’s years of experience and having a good sense of situational awareness. I’m just really proud.”