24/04/2017 6:37 AM AEST | Updated 24/04/2017 6:44 AM AEST

20 Foods With Really Great Beauty Benefits

Glowing skin and longer, stronger hair and nails.

We all know that oysters are meant to make you frisky between the sheets (though you'd probably need to eat a fair amount of the slippery suckers), but did you know that oysters also aid in strengthening your hair?

A lack of zinc in your diet can weaken the protein structure that makes up the hair shaft and guess what? Oysters are jam packed full of zinc.

Kidney beans are also known to aid in reducing the occurrence of blemishes and acne. Again, zinc is the good guy here as it has a number if healing properties. Many studies have linked zinc to skin condition -- with some studies claiming it can be as effective at reducing acne as antibiotics.

For more foods that aid skin, hair and nails, check out the below infographic.

Beauty Flash

Infographic by Beauty Flash


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