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Logies 2017: Samuel Johnson Wins Gold

Couldn't have gone to a more deserving bloke.

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It's TV's night of nights, the 59th annual TV WEEK Logie Awards, and every year all eyes are on the nominees for the Gold Logie, celebrating the Best Personality on Australian television.

This year, the award went to Samuel Johnson for his amazing portrayal of Molly Meldrum in Channel Seven's docudrama "Molly", and Johnson couldn't be more deserving. A man who truly defines what it means to be decent, seen climbing a barricade on the red carpet this evening because a fan wanted to say hello.

After audiences fell in love with Johnson, he did the unthinkable and retired from acting to focus his time on a charity he started with his sister Connie after she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

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Johnson was also the winner of Best Actor this year for his performance, and he took the time in both acceptance speeches to make note of a cause very dear to his heart, his sister Connie.

Dedicating his award to his sister, Johnson also explained the charity he and Connie have been devoting their lives to.

"On behalf of my beautiful sister Connie, who I dedicate this award to, I would like to urge any family watching, affected by cancer or not, to join us in our quest to keep our families safe from the terrors of cancer."

Explaining his shock retirement on a blog post on the charity's site, Johnson explained:

I won't play pretend on television while science is being muzzled. Not while federal funding for research remains static for ten years. Not while the CSIRO is being bulldozed. Not while climate science is still being denied contrary to every shred of credible evidence. Not until I fulfill my promise to you. After I finished that unicycling absurdity I made you a promise. I promised that I would help raise $10M towards cancer vanquishment. Like I showed with my one-wheeled promise to my poor terminal sister, I'm good for it.

Joined on stage by Molly, tearfully accepting the Gold Logie, Johnson was absolutely humble and brilliant.

I was a very spirited, very confused kid, with a colourful background and a savage excess of energy, my dad saw me dying from too much gusto somehow. I was an outlier of sorts, desperate to find my place in this world. I found my home here in this world. I found my home here in the arts, a place that celebrated difference, a place that encouraged me to be truthful, to work harder, to pursue excellence... I did none of that. Which is why I'm so thankful. In all seriousness, you have given me such wondrous shelter, I feel indebted. I want to say thank you.

After his speech, he ushered Molly to the microphone to say a few words, although Johnson and the viewers at home might not have expected the slightly bemusing rant that was, more often than not, a little hard to follow, but ultimately ended with a touching tribute: Sam's very own golden version of Molly's iconic hat.

"I know it's very hard to play an old drama queen like myself," Meldrum said, "and you did a great job, right. So on behalf of the drama queens of Australia, I would like to crown you also with my gold hat, here it is, well done."

At the end of the day, there could be no other winner.

Congrats Sam, on your awards and the brilliant work you've done and continue to do.

Follow along, donate or find out more info on Love Your Sister's website, and read more about Connie's journey on their Facebook.


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