24/04/2017 2:26 PM AEST | Updated 24/04/2017 7:46 PM AEST

We Can All Take A Lesson In Flying From This Dog

Where is YOUR bow tie?

In the good old days of aviation, passengers would dress up.

Getty Images: Monty Fresco
First Jet Service

Men would wear suits and bowler hats, and the women flew in high heels - those were glamorous times.

Getty Images: Frederic Lewis
Interior view of a commercial passenger plane shows, in the foreground, a couple as they enjoy their meal next to a smiling elderly woman, while behind them, a flight attendant pours a glass of wine for a man who sits next to a couple who toast each other with full glasses, 1950s. (Photo by Frederic Lewis/Getty Images)

Now, it's unusual to fly wearing jeans. Comfort over fashion is paramount, and who can blame us? Long flights are spent sleeping rather than socialising, like in the 50s.

But a trending photo on Twitter has put us all to shame.

Did the dog get an upgrade? Do they wear seat belts? We have so many questions.

If you're confused as to how a dog got on a plane in the first place, then we've got news for you. In many countries around the world (think Europe and the United States) at least some airlines have allowed pets on flights, and we are grateful because it has resulted in some adorable tweets.

At least a dog on a flight means there will always be someone to eat your plane food.