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This Two-Faced Cat Is Not Fake News, She's Totally Legit

Her unique appearance is a product of pure genetic luck.

The mystery of how Venus the cat ended up with one half of her face orange, with a blue eye, and the other side solid black with a green eye appears to have finally been solved.

The two-face cat, who is '0 percent Photoshopped, 100 percent Born This Way!' became an internet sensation in 2012 and has already amassed over 1.3 million likes on her Facebook page to date.

Dr Chris Brown explained that the cat ended up with her unique appearance due to "pure luck".

"Instead, her face is in fact pure luck," the Bondi Vet said in a Facebook post.

"When her genes unleashed her colour scheme, by pure chance they landed on a perfect split of black pigment on one side of her face and orange on the other."

Venus' divided face isn't the most bizarre thing about her though; according to Brown it's actually her striking blue eye.

"You see, aside from Siamese, cats normally only possess green or yellow eyes. So to possess one baby blue is considered incredibly rare and it's cause is a complete mystery," he said.

The vet's post also prompted others on social media to share pictures of their unique cats and dogs, including Perth dog Panda who "freaks everyone out about his different coloured eyes and face".


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