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A Clearly Bothered Vin Diesel Can't Handle Charlize Theron's Kiss Diss

Vin Diesel is clearly a man who wants for nothing. With two blockbuster franchises spitting out new movies this month, he’s officially set for life and then some, but there’s one thing that seems to have evaded his presumably giant-sized grasp: the approval of one Charlize Theron.

The two recently starred opposite each other in “The Fate of the Furious” and famously shared an on-screen kiss. The smooch left Theron feeling underwhelmed ― the words “dead fish” were used ― but for some reason Diesel couldn’t stop talking about it on the movie’s press tour.

His co-star’s comments apparently put the “xXx” actor on the defensive, because he was more than ready to defend his skills on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” Tuesday. When DeGeneres recounted Theron’s version of events, a very excited Diesel sprung up from his chair to stomp around the stage not once, not twice, but three separate times.

“C’mon, guys! Do I look like a dead fish?!” Diesel asked the audience. “First of all, you don’t come on ‘Ellen,’ with the wonderful animation of ‘Finding Dory,’ and compare me to a dead fish. Right or wrong?”

Likely in fear of a Tom Cruise couch-jumping scenario, DeGeneres had no recourse but to switch gears away from the controversial kiss and show the audience photos of Diesel’s adorable offspring.

Watch a clip from the show above.

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