27/04/2017 11:04 AM AEST | Updated 27/04/2017 11:06 AM AEST

True-Blue Aussie John Williamson Sings A New National Anthem Verse

"We will fly the Southern Cross with people old and new."

John Williamson has got our new anthem sorted.

Yesterday, Liberal MP Andrew Laming made news for calling for a new verse of Australia's National Anthem 'Advance Australia Fair.'

Laming claimed that the current version of the anthem is outdated and doesn't reflect modern Australia, as it was written in the 1870s, long before Australia was a federated country.

"Australia didn't even exist when the anthem was written and we adopted it about 40 years ago. As a value statement for the nation, I reckon every generation, we need to make sure it encapsulates everything we are," he said on last night's The Project.

In response to this, Australian singer John Williamson recorded a video of himself singing a new verse of the anthem and sent it to The Project. It was played on air last night.

The rendition uses lyrics from Williamson's 'Island of Oceans' and encapsulates Australia's Aboriginal history and modern multicultural nature.

He sings, " You are my inspiration, this is a song for you.

"We will fly the Southern Cross with people old and new."

Below is the The Project segment that aired last night, with all the info and interviews if you need a refresher. Williamson sings at around the five minute mark, but don't worry, it's worth the wait.