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Johnny Depp Crashes Disneyland Ride In Character And People Had Zero Chill

Depending on how you feel about Johnny Depp these days, the prospect of the actor showing up without warning is either entirely off-putting or a welcome surprise.

Guests of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, apparently fit squarely into the latter category when Depp popped up at the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction multiple times on Wednesday night.

Ahead of the release of the fifth installment in the franchise, “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the actor, dressed in a full Captain Jack Sparrow getup, delighted visitors at the happiest place on earth.

At this point, Depp could probably channel the perpetually rum-drunk pirate in his sleep, so it’s nice to see him making an effort to bring Sparrow to life once more. Riders immediately took to social media to share video of Depp’s surprise visit, with one tweeter enthusing: “JOHNNY DEPP WAS ON PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN WHILE I WAS ON IT AND IM SCREAMING.”

That must have been one huge paycheck, considering how Depp, in his own words, has been “overpaid” for his part in the franchise.

Check him out in action below.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” hits theaters May 26.

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