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Wild Deer Visits 81-Year-Old Woman Twice A Day For A Snack

Having a friend who mooches off you twice a day is usually annoying, but 81-year-old Mette Kvam doesn’t seem to mind.

Kvam lives alone in Aurland, Norway, and her friend is a wild deer named “Flippen.” He shows up at her doorstep twice a day looking for some grub, according to Inside Edition.

Flippen has been a daily visitor for the past three years and it’s not a one-sided friendship. In return for the goodies, he lets Kvam rub his head a little.

The friendship began in 2014, when Kvam saw the stag in her yard and offered him a cookie, according to the Good News Network. To her surprise, he cautiously accepted the snack.

Now he shows up for more food each day and family friend Britt Haugsevje Vangen couldn’t be happier.

“She says that they are so lucky for having each other,” Vangen told Caters News. “Mette has no kids and since her husband passed away she has no one ― she only has Flippen in her life now.”

Typically, wildlife experts advise people not to feed wild deer. Some human foods, like corn, can be disastrous for deer, with the wrong foods leading to serious disease and even death. It can also lead to them becoming dependent on humans for food.

However, in this case, the friendship appears to have paid off for Flippen. Local hunters who are aware of the friendship have made a point not to shoot the stag, according to Vangen.

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