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United Promises Cops Won't Drag You Off Plane In Full-Page Ad

United Airlines has had a tumultuous month. A passenger was violently dragged off a plane so the company’s employees could travel instead, a rabbit died inflight, and their advertisement got laughed out of a festival.

The company is attempting to make amends, releasing a set of new policies aimed at “improving customer experience” and taking out a full-page ad in today’s Washington Post.

The ad apologizes for the airline’s recent behavior and stresses how they plan to change:

The ad comes right after the company released a memo on Thursday indicating a litany of things United says it will do to better its business practices.

One bullet point reads, “Law enforcement will not remove customers from a flight and customers will not be required to give up their seat once on board ― except in matters of safety and security.” Another two specify that they will increase incentives for voluntary rebooking up to $10,000 and eliminate red tape on permanently lost bags with a “no-questions-asked $1,500 reimbursement.”

Hopefully, for United’s sake, this ad will be better received than the one they just pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. It was removed after it had been received with “three days of laughter before public screenings.”

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