30/04/2017 7:44 AM AEST | Updated 17/05/2017 6:26 AM AEST

Ultra-Chill Jimmy John's Employee Takes Sweet Time During Armed Robbery

Tuker Murray is rapidly becoming an internet legend for his cool under pressure.

The 24-year-old assistant manager at a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, is the clear star of surveillance footage from Wednesday, when the place was robbed.

Video shows a man police later identified as Terry Rayford walking up to the counter and ordering food before pulling out a gun and demanding cash, going so far as to shove the gun in Murray’s face.

None of that really appeared to impress Murray, though. The video shows him coolly staring down Rayford while slowly pulling off his work gloves and casually opening the register, as if he’s more fed-up than scared.

In fact, he told Buzzfeed News that he wasn’t afraid at all, because he felt like the robber wasn’t actually going to shoot him.

“I was thinking, fuck this guy, dude,” Murray said. “Because he did it like a bitch.”

Fox 4KC reports that the suspect, Rayford, was was already on parole for a different armed robbery and allegedly admitted to committing other robberies to support a drug habit.

But Murray found the idea that Rayford was an experienced criminal hard to believe.

“I was actually surprised when the detective told me that he had done like 12 other robberies and been to jail for it before, ‘cause it was amateur hour,” Murray told TMZ.

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