01/05/2017 10:25 AM AEST | Updated 01/05/2017 10:29 AM AEST

Shirtless Man Arrested On Roof Of Government House In Melbourne

Footage shows him in handcuffs being pinned to the ground by police officers.

A shirtless man who climbed onto the roof of Government House in Melbourne has been removed hours after being arrested by police.

Emergency services were called to Government House following reports of a security breach at around 7:45am on Monday morning. By 8am, the man was captured and handcuffed but remained on the roof.

Footage captured from a Nine News helicopter after 8am showed several police officers pinning the man to the ground and holding his hands behind his back.

Police and firefighters were eventually able to remove the man from the roof using a cherry picker at around 10am, images published by 7News show.

Ambulance Victoria said the man had been treated for minor injuries at the scene, according to ABC News.

Government House is situated next to Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens and is the official residence of the Victorian Governor, Linda Dessau.

The man will be taken to hospital for a health assessment and the investigation is ongoing, 9News reports.