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Yes, Even America's Golden Boy Chris Pratt Is A Mansplainer

Don’t worry, Chris Pratt’s never-ending “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” press tour is almost over, but before he goes into that good night, there’s one more tidbit of information we need to discuss. Yes, America’s golden boy is a self-identifying mansplainer.

In a new BuzzFeed video, Pratt plays “Question or Confession” and responds to a series of inquiries about his professional and personal life. When asked about one thing he does at home that bugs wife Anna Faris the most, Pratt admitted that he has a tendency to mansplain.

“My guess is, and she would never tell me this, but I think I’m a mansplainer,” he admitted. “Every once in a while I’ll say, ‘Oh — was I just mansplaining just now?’ And she goes, ‘No, honey.’”

For those who haven’t come in contact with a mansplainer, it’s typically when a man patronizingly explains something to a woman that she probably already knew.

In other news, when presented with the options to fuck, marry, or kill pizza, alcohol, or Chris Evans, Pratt will happily kill alcohol, go to bed with pizza and ride off happily into the sunset with Captain America.

There’s no need to explain that, right?

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