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Hemp Food Is Now Legal For Consumption. Here's How To Use Them

Smoothie bowls, energy balls and pesto is just the start.

In case you missed the news, hemp food has finally been approved for sale and consumption in Australia.

Although previously available for many years in the country as a 'beauty' product, now that Australia's health ministers have approved the sale of hemp foods nationwide, we can start including the super food in our diets.

First off, hemp seeds don't get you high. But they are high in health benefits: they're packed with plant-based protein, omega 3, 6 and 9s and other healthy fats. And they're low in carbs, eco-friendly, extremely versatile and help promote healthy skin.

You might have seen hemp seeds (or 'hemp hearts') in pretty photos all over social media and food blogs, but if you don't know how to use them exactly, here are eight delicious, easy ways.

1. Vanilla ricotta banana toast with pistachios

Thanks to hemp seeds' slightly nutty, creamy texture, they are ideal for adding a bit of bite to toast toppings. Like this vanilla ricotta banana toast with pistachios, honey and hemp seeds.

2. Dark chocolate hemp energy bites

Like nuts and dates, hemp seeds make a great addition to energy bites or balls. These chocolate truffle-esque bites are full of sweet dates, cacao powder, nuts and hemp seeds. Perfect for an energy boost at that 3pm slump.

3. Apple pecan hemp hearts granola

Combining complex carbs (oats), protein (nuts) and healthy fats (hemp seeds and nuts), this granola will help keep you full all morning long. While the apple, cinnamon and maple syrup add a delicious, warming flavour.

4. Super kale pesto

If pesto pasta is your go-to, try this super recipe with parmesan, hemp seeds, kale, lemon juice and garlic. You can serve the pesto as a dip with crackers, or stir into your favourite pasta.

5. Coffee coconut shake.

Start your morning with an iced coffee coconut blend, pimped up with almond butter, chia seeds, vanilla and banana. Plus, of course, hemp seeds which add an extra layer of creaminess and thickness.

6. Berry smoothie bowl

Along with granola, fruit and shredded coconut, try adding hemp seeds on top of your next smoothie bowl. It adds a soft texture and creamy, nutty flavour, along with extra protein, fibre and micronutrients like iron and zinc.

7. Roasted beetroot salad with hemp heart crusted goat cheese

This salad is a far cry from the average boring bowl -- with roasted beetroot, chickpeas, sorghum, dried cranberries and hemp seed crusted goat cheese. To finish, this satisfying salad is dressed in a flavourful mixture of dijon, balsamic and garlic.

8. Lemon hemp hummus

Hummus lovers, try this zesty, creamy creation using lemon zest and hemp seeds. Serve with veggie sticks, flat bread or dollop on top of salads, sandwiches and sautéed veggies.


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