03/05/2017 10:47 AM AEST | Updated 03/05/2017 10:47 AM AEST

J.K. Rowling Is Copping It After Apologising For Killing Snape

"He had no regrets going to the dark side until Lily was involved. Snape is not a good person."

It's been nearly 10 years since J.K. Rowling killed off one of the most divisive characters in Harry Potter and she's finally apologised for it.

"OK, here it is," the author tweeted.

"Please don't start flame wars over it, but this year I'd like to apologise for killing (whispers)... Snape. *runs for cover*".

Snape isn't the only character that the author has apologised to fans for killing -- last year it was Professor Remus Lupin, the year before that it was Fred Weasley.

Fans however were not having a bar of it, claiming that there were other characters that the author needed to apologise for obliterating first.

We wonder who she'll apologise for next year?