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Oh, My God, You Need To Read Ryan Reynolds' Love Letter To Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds really loves Blake Lively. How much you ask? Well, enough to wax poetic about her virtues during the Met Gala on Sunday night, when he could have easily spent the extra three minutes gawking at Rihanna’s dress.

The couple was stopped for a photo by Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind Humans of New York, a wildly popular photo series that collects portraits and interviews of New Yorkers around the city.

Stanton typically elicits powerful and revealing statements from his subjects, whether they be a former president of the United States or the pharmacist at your local CVS.

Reynolds took the opportunity to praise his wife and the mother of his two children for living her life with a deep compassion for humankind, which he says has changed him for the better.

“She always responds with empathy. She meets anger with empathy. She meets hate with empathy. She’ll take the time to imagine what happened to a person when they were five or six years old,” Reynolds said. “And she’s made me a more empathetic person. I had a very fractured relationship with my father. Before he died, she made me remember things I didn’t want to remember. She made me remember the good times.”

The actor’s father, James Reynolds, died in October of 2015 after a 20-year battle with Parkinson’s disease. Reynolds had paid tribute to his dad with an old childhood photo of his father holding him as an infant.

The couple’s first daughter James, who they welcomed in 2014, shares the same name as Reynolds’ father.

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