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Passengers Brawl TWICE On All Nippon Airways Jet Bound For Los Angeles

Prepare for takeoff ― and get ready to rumble.

Two male passengers fought twice Monday on an All Nippon Airways flight bound for Los Angeles from Narita Airport in Japan, according to reports.

The brawl, filmed by another passenger, reportedly broke out as the jet was on the tarmac before departure.

The two exchanged numerous blows as crew and passengers appear to give them room for their impromptu MMA encounter while a baby cries.

“Someone help ― this guy’s crazy,” the man in the dark t-shirt yells. The man in the red shirt can be heard saying, “I’ll kill you.”

The crew then manages to escort the man in red away from the scene but he returns for a rematch. The man in the dark shirt hits him with a stiff jab before the footage ends.

Corey Hour, the passenger credited with the video, wrote on Twitter that he then confronted the man in the red shirt and the man eventually left the plane.

Hour tweeted that he didn’t know what caused the melee and he praised the crew for its response.

Hour told The Washington Post that he stopped filming and intervened after a female flight attendant was struck while trying to break up the fight herself. He noted that the man in the red shirt kept talking about about “the government” and “corruption.”

Japan Today reported that a 44-year-old American passenger on the flight was charged with assault after he choked an employee.

In moments not captured in the video above, an ANA spokesperson said the crew asked the apparently drunk man to disembark but he resisted, hit a woman passenger and then attacked the male employee, Japan Today wrote.

The flight was already delayed by weather conditions and finally left one hour and 40 minutes behind schedule.

All Nippon Airways apologizes to our passengers on Flight#6 to Los Angeles for the pre-flight incident,” an airline spokeswoman said in a statement to The Washington Post. “The individuals involved have been dealt with appropriately by local law enforcement.”

This story has been updated to include a statement from the airline and comments made by Hour.

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