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This Documentary Takes An Unflinching Look At Toxic Masculinity In A Remote Mining Town

It doesn't get much realer than this.

A trailer has been released for a documentary ahead of its theatrical release putting a remote pub in Coolgardie, Western Australia in the spotlight. Every three months backpackers arrive to work behind the bar at the Denver City Hotel. The event was often celebrated by the mostly male patronage as they put the new waitresses to the test.

"Hotel Coolgardie" follows Lina and Steph, two Finnish backpackers, as they arrive for a three-month stint at the hotel, with a pub packed with blokey blokes hungry for what they deem "fresh meat".

The trailer gives just a glimpse at what's to come, with the film's director explaining to ABC Radio, "It's a film that starts off as a lighthearted travelogue... as the film progresses [Lina and Steph] struggle to adapt, they don't adapt as they're kind of expected to. And the more they struggle, the harder things get for them."

The film screened at the Sydney Film Festival last year, and will have a limited release in select cinemas from June 15. Check out the full trailer above.


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