03/05/2017 2:11 PM AEST | Updated 03/05/2017 2:11 PM AEST

Melania Trump Has Only Ever Liked Two Tweets, And One Disses Her Husband

Could it just be purely accidental?

Uh oh.

Melania Trump's official Twitter account has only ever liked two tweets since it was created in 2012 -- the first being her own (we've all done it) and the second being about her husband.

The tweet's author, Andy Ostroy, was doubtful that the like had come from the First Lady's verified account, but there's no denying that it has.

Could it be an unintended like perhaps? Maybe a social media manager gone wrong? Could the account have been hacked? Was she simply saving the tweet for later to show someone?

We'll probably never know, but Twitter users are enjoying what is sure to become the best trolling of 2017 so far -- intentional or not.

Trump has since un-liked the tweet.



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