04/05/2017 1:54 PM AEST | Updated 23/06/2017 7:53 AM AEST

Star Wars Burlesque: Behind The Scenes On The Empire Strips Back Shoot

May the 4th be with them.

The Empire Strips Back, A Star Wars burlesque parody, has grown to become one of the most successful burlesque shows in the world.

That is why Russall S. Beattie, the show's creator, has decided to move the operation overseas.

"Even though we love performing it in Australia, the audience is just not big enough to support us doing it full time," Beattie told HuffPost Australia.

"With the production relocating, it allows us to have this much fun every day and never grow up."

HuffPost recently went behind the scenes with The Empire Strips Back for a promotional video shoot involving a re-imagined Luke Sywalker, played by one of the shows longest serving stars Kael, scrubbing down a landspeeder on a backdrop of sand dunes.

The finished video will be a special 'May The 4th' treat for the show's fans.

"It's the classic car wash scene really," Kael told HuffPost Australia, "just set in a galaxy far, far away."

Beattie is equally excited and nervous about the move, especially given the success of their final Australian tour.

"It was surreal experience. The last tour was by far the best audiences we ever had. They felt like home to us. I looked at my business partner and said, 'are we doing the right thing'?"