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Interesting Traits Most Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Most had worked for someone else for over six years before paving their own paths.

Working for the man has its upsides -- paid holiday and sick leave (if you're employed full time, that is), superannuation and if you're lucky, nice biscuits in the tea room.

Though, some people don't want to work for a large company, or for anyone else other than themselves for that matter. Or, perhaps you've had a big idea and now the next obvious move is starting your own business.

Whatever the reason may be, being an entrepreneur is exciting. Interestingly, a lot of people who have started their own businesses have some traits in common. A study of over 500 people that was conducted by the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship looked at various aspects of entrepreneur's lives, with some interesting findings.

For example, almost 65 percent had always dreamed of starting their own business. 70 percent of them were married when they took the leap, and over 95 percent of them had a Bachelor's Degree (or higher).

For more fun stats on the anatomy of entrepreneurs, check out the below infographic.


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