05/05/2017 1:08 PM AEST | Updated 05/05/2017 3:20 PM AEST

Shannon Noll's Latest Single 'Southern Sky' Just Dropped And It's A Gift From The Gods

He just wants to live and die under the light of the great Southern Sky.

It's been 14 years since Shannon Noll was robbed of winning Australian Idol and to be fair, we've never really recovered from it.

Australian Idol / YouTube

Since losing the title to Guy Sebastian, Nollsy has had a string of hits and his cover of Moving Pictures' 1982 power ballad "What About Me" still gives us goosebumps even on the warmest of days.

Shannon Noll / YouTube
Don't be asking 'What about Nollsy?' he's doing just fine.

His latest single, 'Southern Sky' dropped on Friday morning and features some stunning shots filmed at Pokolbin in the New South Wales Hunter Region and at Newcastle's Nobbys Beach -- and yes, of course, there's also some great shots of Nollsy.

There's horse-riding Nollsy...

Shannon Noll / YouTube

Quad-biking Nollsy...

Shannon Noll / YouTube

Nollsy at the beach...

Shannon Noll / YouTube

A few shots of Nollsy standing on top of a huge rock in a stonewash denim jacket that would not be out of place at the Met Gala...

Shannon Noll / YouTube

And finally, Nollsy expressing his sheer elation when his ride home says they can stop in at the Maccas drive through.

Shannon Noll / YouTube
Nollsy here is just about everyone when their mum says yes to stopping at Maccas on the way home.

So far, fans are just bloody LOVING Noll's new single, who has embraced being the star of internet memes.

The pop-star previously told NewsCorp that he reckons "half of the kids putting together these memes need to be on my marketing team!"

And if you were wondering, yes -- the trend of people asking Nollsy for their things back is still happening.

Shannon Noll / Facebook

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