05/05/2017 3:37 PM AEST

Meet Leo The Albino Echidna And Some Of His Albino Mates

He's described as a "one of the most unique characters you can meet anywhere in the world".

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we introduce Leo -- Symbio Wildlife Park's resident adorable albino echidna who is stealing our hearts.

The monotreme was taken to the Park after he was found wandering all alone through a carpark on the NSW South Coast back in 2012.

Since then, the public have fallen in-love with him (something he's clearly quite happy about judging from these photos).

Symbio Wildlife Park / Facebook
"Draw me like one of your French girls."
Symbio Wildlife Park / Facebook
The echidna strut.

"Due to his chilled out nature and handsome looks, Leo helps educate a generation of animal conservationists," the Park said in a Facebook post.

"[H]e is definitely a star and laps up the attention."

Symbio Wildlife Park / Facebook
Symbio Wildlife Park / Facebook
An action shot.

Albino animals like Leo don't produce melanin, which results in little or no color in the skin, hair and eyes.

Leo's not alone, there are plenty of other iconic Aussie animals that dazzle us with their striking white skin and fur.

There's this wallaroo spotted sititng between the trunks of eucalyptus trees in the Mount Panorama Woodlands near Bathurst, NSW.

AFP/Getty Images

Or Migaloo, Australia's best-known humpback whale who dazzles people as he makes his yearly migrations up and down the east coast.

Getty Images

Or even this albino red kangaroo just having a snooze in the afternoon sun.

Getty Images/Corbis Documentary