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This Cheat Sheet Shows You How To Make Any Soup Without A Recipe

Just remember five easy steps.

If there's one meal that is guaranteed to warm you up instantly and feed the soul, it's soup. Ideally served with lots of crusty, buttery bread.

Soup is so nourishing that researchers theorise it may actually help fight colds by reducing upper respiratory cold symptoms.

But the best thing about this hearty meal is how easy it is to make, once you know the basics. And you don't even need a recipe. Ever.

Enter the ultimate soup cheat sheet, a visual guide to knowing how to make any soup in simple five steps. The rest is up to your flavour preferences.

The first step to making soup is cooking aromatics like onion, garlic and ginger. When sautéed and used in different combos, these ingredients add flavour, aroma and complexity to your soup.

Next are the main ingredients -- the stars of the soup show -- followed by the flavoursome stock, seasoning and garnish. It's virtually impossible to stuff up.

Infographic by Pound Place.


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