07/05/2017 5:51 AM AEST | Updated 07/05/2017 6:57 AM AEST

Transgender Woman Found Beaten With Head Injury On Manhattan Sidewalk Dies

A transgender woman found on a New York City sidewalk with a severe head injury has died 10 days after an apparent assault.

The 59-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was found on Seventh Avenue, by West 29th Street, in Manhattan on April 25. She was unconscious with a head trauma and taken to Bellevue Hospital. She died Thursday, police said.

While police told the New York Daily News that they are still investigating whether or not a crime took place, police sources told NBC New York that they are looking into the woman’s death as a homicide. No suspects have been identified, but police said her injuries were not from a fall or self-inflicted.

An autopsy will be conducted to officially determine her cause of death.

Earlier this year, three transgender women of color were killed in one month in Louisiana.

Last year, 27 homicides of transgender people were reported, according to GLAAD. It was the deadliest year for transgender individuals in the U.S. yet. However, the actual number of murders is likely higher due to both lack of reporting and police or families misgendering victims in news reports.

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