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News Presenter Natasha Exelby Defends Her Silence About On-Air ABC Slip-Up

She also ensured THAT mistake was not staged.

Natasha Exelby has spoken publicly about her infamous on-air gaffe, saying the ABC "didn't do the right thing by me" immediately following the slip-up.

The now former ABC News newsreader told KIIS FM she kept her silence after the event went viral to "do the right thing by them [the ABC]".

In the blooper, Exelby was caught daydreaming and fiddling with a pen after a camera cut back to her following a sports news package, failing to realise she was back on-air.

Despite the ABC releasing a statement to clarify that "no-one would ever be punished for a blooper", it seems Exelby is still defending her mistake as a simple mix-up and not a publicity stunt.

"If that was the case I think some people give me way too much credit ... and I should have been an actor."

Although her former employers were less than impressed, Exelby received overwhelming support, with other journalists sharing their own mix-up moments.

@Kieran_Gilbert@byrnesh I once broke down in childish giggling on Sky News after Tony Abbot said he was "between two stools".

— Malcolm Farr (@farrm51) April 10, 2017


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