09/05/2017 5:59 AM AEST

Katy Perry Insists Her New Album Won't Hit Back At 'Bad Blood'

But don't forget that "everything has a reaction."

All the fans who were anxiously awaiting Katy Perry’s clap back on Taylor Swift will just have to stay disappointed ... maybe.

Perry put rumors to rest in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where she stated, full stop, that there was nothing on her album that would be a reaction to “Bad Blood.” 

For those who’ve been living under a rock for the last few years: These two stars have reportedly been feuding with each other since 2014 when Swift said her single “Bad Blood” was about a famous pop singer

“One thing to note is: You can’t mistake kindness for weakness and don’t come for me,” Perry told Entertainment Weekly. “Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. And that’s not to any one person and don’t quote me that it is, because it’s not. It’s not about that.”

So it’s not about “Bad Blood” but it’s really about “Bad Blood,” right?

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The singer, who has yet to reveal a title for her upcoming album, says there is a vulnerability to her new work. Perry went on to say that her album wasn’t even about her, but what she “digest[s]” from the world around her. 

“Honestly, when women come together and they decide to unite, this world is going to be a better place. Period end of story,” Perry told EW. “But, let me say this: Everything has a reaction or a consequence so don’t forget about that, okay, honey. We got to keep it real, honey.” 

 (Let’s keep it real: Low-key listen out for that diss track.)