09/05/2017 5:50 PM AEST | Updated 09/05/2017 5:50 PM AEST

Eminem Is Suing New Zealand Much To John Oliver's Delight

Public emienemy number one.

Ah New Zealand. The birthplace of Lorde, "Lorde of the Rings" and home to the world's smallest species of dolphin (seriously).

But did you also know our southerly neighbours have also been locked in a fierce legal battle with Eminem for almost three years?! We're all learning so much today.

Due to the absolute absurdity of the case, the host of "Last Week Tonight" John Oliver has been following it the entire time, calling it "the lamest rap beef since Lil Wayne's five-year feud with William H. Macy" (which I don't think is a real thing, they WERE in a commercial for Samsung phones though!).

The gist of it is that New Zealand's ruling party created a campaign commercial with music that sounded INCREDIBLY like Eminem's "Lose Yourself". The rapper claimed he didn't give them permission to use the song. The Nationals party are claiming they used a totally different song, and that leads us to the greatest clip of all time: sad lawyer standing in silence while Eminem plays in the background.

Truly iconic.

The story only gets better when it's revealed that the song the Nationals used, which DEFINITELY WASN'T Eminem's, is called "Eminem-esque". Perfect.

Oliver absolutely loses himself (hah) over the entire story, and it's truly amazing to watch, especially for his mockery of how the Kiwis say "Eminem".

Check out the full clip above.

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Eminem Is Suing New Zealand Much To John Oliver's