10/05/2017 12:24 PM AEST | Updated 10/05/2017 3:11 PM AEST

Qantas CEO Intends To Press Charges Over Pie Incident

He said he chose a lemon meringue pie because it was the "softest".

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says he has every intention of pressing charges after he was hit in the face with a pie on Tuesday.

"My intention is to send a message that this type of behaviour isn't acceptable," Joyce told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

Video footage shows a 67-year-old man pushing a lemon meringue pie into the face of the Qantas CEO.

The man, Tony Overhue, has apologised, saying his family is "outraged" by his behaviour.

He described the bizarre move as an action against corporate Australia.

"[M]y wife is at my throat," Overheu told 6PR radio.

"Lemon meringue appeared to be the softest (and) least likely to do any injury...he's got a responsible job to do.

"I see myself as a law-abiding citizen so it's no joke to do what I did yesterday morning."

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WA Police told HuffPost Australia it was still investigating the incident, but that the 67-year-old had been issued a summons to appear in court for allegedly giving false details to police.

Joyce told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that he had "every intention of pressing charges".

In a statement provided to 6PR, Overhue appeared to critique many marriage equality initiatives taken by companies such as Qantas and Airbnb.

"Qantas is insulting many staff and passengers with their boarding pass propaganda," the statement reads.

"What Airbnb is doing in Canberra airport is highly offensive. Outfits like Wesfarmers and Holden lose huge credibility supporting such campaigns. The blatant bullying and extortion of Coopers Brewery was reprehensible."

Beginning on Sunday, Airbnb staged a 24-hour "Terminal Takeover" of Canberra Airport, displaying pro-marriage equality signs throughout the terminal as politicians arrived in the nation's capital for the Federal Budget.

In partnership with Qantas, ANZ, Google, eBay and The Marriage Equality Campaign, the company has also publicly advocated for the wearing of acceptance rings to show support for the movement.

The acceptance rings are deliberately incomplete, representing the "gap" in equality experienced by same-sex couples.


Overhue isn't the first to hit back against the movement, with conservative Liberal senator Eric Abetz previously slamming the fresh push of Australia's top business leaders on same-sex marriage.

While Abetz said Australians were "fed up" with political correctness being placed above services, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's advice was that they should "stick to their knitting".

Joyce -- an active proponent of marriage equality -- was the keynote speaker at a West Business Leadership Matters event on Tuesday morning when Overhue calmly walked onto the stage, forcefully pushed the dessert into his face and disappeared.

"It was a new experience, I didn't experience that before," Joyce told reporters after the incident.

"I think when you've been a CEO of an airline for nine years, there's a lot of things that have happened over that period of time -- this is different but it's not unusual.

In a statement sent to The West Australian, which sponsored the business breakfast, Overheu apologised for his actions.

"I unreservedly apologise to each of you and your organisations for any discomfort, insult, inconvenience, distraction or cost I have caused."