11/05/2017 1:57 PM AEST

Connie Johnson Found Out How Much Her 'Big Heart Project' Raised On Live TV

The Love Your Sister campaign has won the hearts of the nation.

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Connie Johnson woke up Thursday morning to find out just how much she and her Gold Logie-winning brother Samuel raised in their massive Big Heart Project. Connie found out the incredible number the pair raised on live TV and her reaction was priceless.

The project was called Connie's "last hurrah", with plans to break the world record for the longest line of coins, which she decided would form the shape of a heart.

Speaking to Channel 9's The Today Show, Samuel commented on their progress: "We wanted to raise $200,000 to break the record, and then when we raised that really quickly we adjusted it to a million dollars thinking 'If only, it could never', and we doubled down and then some."

Connie, on the other hand, was a little lost for words with the amazing result, telling Karl and Lisa "I might just pass out".

After starring in the miniseries "Molly", Samuel shocked audiences by announcing his retirement from showbiz to focus on Connie and the Love Your Sister campaign. His vow was that he would not return to acting until the charity had raised $10 million for cancer research.

Since then, Samuel embarked on a year-long trip across the country on a unicycle. In doing so, Samuel broke a world record and managed to raise $1.75 million. He's now not the only record-breaker in the family, with Connie's Big Heart project also a record beater.

At the Logies this year Samuel dedicated the Best Actor award to his sister, urging people to , before winning the award of the night, the Gold Logie.

In an incredibly raw interview with 'The Project' earlier this week, Connie spoke to Carrie Bickmore, telling her she's terrified of the weeks to come.

"It's very different for me than it is for my loved ones," she said, "we will all die, we will all face that and yes, I think it's terrifying for everybody."

"I have this thought that comes into my head all the time where one day I'll be holding the children's hands and then I'll be gone. And my pain will be over, and theirs will just be beginning."

You can still donate to Connie's Big Heart project and the Love Your Sister campaign on their website, as well as follow all the great work this incredible duo are doing on their Facebook page.

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