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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Answers Our Questions About The Budget

Turnbull spoke about everything from drugs to university cuts and foreign aid.

It's been a big week for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The 2017 Federal Budget was handed down on Tuesday, and as always, there have been plenty of questions ask of the PM and his Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Turnbull was live from his office with HuffPost Australia on Thursday morning to address such questions, beginning with the measure to introduce drug testing for welfare recipients.

The PM said he would be "happy to undergo a drug test at anytime" to justify his Prime Ministerial salary.

He also answered questions about the allocation of foreign aid, and the rise in university costs, all of which he labelled as "fair" and "reasonable".

Turnbull defended the new Medicare and $6 billion big-bank levies as a means of bringing the Budget back to balance" where the government predicts a surplus by 2020-2021.

Watch the full interview below.


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