11/05/2017 1:51 PM AEST | Updated 11/05/2017 1:52 PM AEST

There Is Now A Smartphone Case That Can Make Coffee

It's both wonderful and dangerous news for the coffee addict in all of us.

Caffeine addicts rejoice!

We've all experienced the conflict between punctuality and caffeine cravings. Get to work on time, or risk walking in late, with a coffee in hand, blaming traffic for your delay.

It's quite a dilemma. This first world problem however, is being solved in the most first world way imaginable.

A new smartphone case, that makes coffee, has been invented by an Italian company. The product, called Mokase, is a heat-proof case that makes an espresso coffee at the touch of a button.

Here's how it works.

The case, just like any other smartphone cover, is attached to the exterior of your phone.

  1. Insert the wafer coffee pod into the side of the case. The pod contains just the right amount of coffee and water to make a single espresso coffee;
  2. Next, open the Mokase app. Pressing a single button in the application activates the heat sensors in the case, which in turn produces the coffee;
  3. Finally, pour the coffee out of the hole in the top of the case and drink away.
The coffee wafer is inserted into the side of the smart phone case.

The wafer pods are available in three different flavours at this stage. Whether you prefer classic, toasted or Arabic-style coffee, your phone can make it all.

A portable pop-up espresso cup can be purchased to go with the case. The cup collapses down to a small disc that can be attached to your keys as a key ring.

Practicality and style in one key ring. Talk about two birds and one stone.

The case itself will set you back around $120 and there is no word yet on how much the coffee wafers will cost to replace. The cases are set for release in September this year.