12/05/2017 11:55 AM AEST | Updated 12/05/2017 11:57 AM AEST

Chloe Shorten Apologises For All That 'Trouble' Her Necklace Caused

'Happy Birthday darling. Sorry my $20 necklace caused such trouble!'

Andrew Meares / Fairfax
No, she wasn't asked to remove it to appear more working class.

The Canberra rumour mill went into overdrive Thursday night when a necklace worn by Chloe Shorten mysteriously disappeared during her husband's budget-in-reply speech.

As the Opposition Leader accused the Prime Minister of favouring millionaires over the middle class, coalition MPs reportedly messaged journalists suggesting his wife had been asked to remove the necklace because it sent the wrong message.

You can almost hear Donald Trump yelling "fake news".

Shorten however, has set the record straight in one swift tweet in which she wished her husband a happy birthday and apologised for causing "such trouble" with her $20 necklace.

Fairfax / Alex Ellinghausen
There were rumours Shorten had been asked to remove the necklace to look more 'working class'.

The simple truth of the matter is, the sparkling Lovisa choker was removed because its clasp had broken. Nothing more, nothing less.