11/05/2017 4:27 PM AEST | Updated 11/05/2017 4:57 PM AEST

Harry Styles Makes A Fan's Dream Come True, Accidentally Kicks Her In The Head

Dreams really do come shoe.

Getty Images / Twitter

Harry Styles went full rock-star at an album release party in New York earlier this week attempting to do a stage dive, but the One Direction he was heading was to the floor apparently.

The signer was performing ahead of the release of his debut solo album this week, along with the release of the video for his single "Sign of the Times".

Yep, the big dive was a bit of a mess with the musician either surprising an unprepared audience with the dive, or miscalculating their ability to hold him up as he crashed to the floor in a pile of people. One member of the audience apparently came into contact with Harry's shoe... and it made her day.

Other fans who weren't able to be at the show began to weigh in on the events, after the tweet started to go viral.

There were others who were in the pile-up, also sharing there experiences online.

Truly, what a blessing.

Harry's self-titled album will be released later this week and is already available for pre-order. No word on if there are any tracks about Gucci shoes.

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