11/05/2017 11:18 PM AEST

Prince Of Norway Gives Dabbing The Royal Seal Of Approval

Just when you thought dabbing was on its way out of fashion, a young European royal pulls it back in.

Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway broke with protocol Tuesday when he busted out the dance move during the 80th birthday celebrations of his grandparents, King Harald V and Queen Sonja. 

The 11-year-old was appearing with other royals on the balcony of Oslo’s Royal Palace when he cheekily dropped his head into the crook of his right arm and raised his left arm out straight.

Video also shows the boy, who’s third in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne, making funny faces and the “V for victory” sign as other younger royals look on.

As the footage goes viral, it’s unclear what the older royals thought of his antics.

However, his dabbing came on the same day that his father, Crown Prince Haakon, pranked guests at a palace banquet. He left the table midway through the meal, shaved his beard, and returned to see if anyone would notice.

Heiko Junge/AFP/Getty Images
A combination of pictures shows Queen Silvia of Sweden sitting next to Crown Prince Haakon of Norway before (top) and after he shaved his beard during a gala dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway, on May 9,

Prince Sverre’s dabbing may be gaining global attention, but he isn’t the first royal to get caught dabbing.

That honor appears to go to British royal Prince Harry, who dabbed in front of children at a youth sports initiative in Aberdeen, Scotland, last September.